Other Services

On Call Voice Response System

“On Call” is CROUSE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION’S 24-hour, 7 days a week access to your account.

Bill Pay

Crouse Federal Credit Union offers a free bill pay service with usage.  The service can be accessed through your Home Banking site. With this program you can pay your bills anytime, anywhere with internet access. Members who maintain our Share Draft Checking account will be eligible to use this program.  Sit down with your monthly bills…get a cup of coffee and program the information.  You can pay one bill at a time or program reoccurring events.  No need to worry about writing a check…having a stamp.  You control when the funds are deducted from your checking account.

Visa Debit /ATM Card

Free and unlimited cash withdrawals at our machine at Crouse Hospital- Located in Basement Level near Security-Cafeteria.  No fee for available balance inquiry.

Your ATM card can be used at many cash counters at stores for cash back with Pin entry.  You can also use with pin entry at many gas stations.

Please see copy of current fee schedule for ATM usage and allowances and fee.

Crouse Federal Credit Union combines the cash-free convenience of its Share Draft (Checking) Account with the worldwide acceptance of VISA to offer a credit union VISA Debit Card. This VISA Debit Card enables members to leave home without carrying large sums of cash or a checkbook while enjoying immediate purchase power. When you use your VISA Debit Card to purchase goods and services at the millions of places that accept VISA credit cards, the amount of your purchase will be automatically deducted from your credit union Share Draft (Checking) Account. This debit card also allows you to get cash from your Share Draft (Checking) at any ATM with a VISA logo.

Free and unlimited cash withdrawals at our machine at Crouse Hospital- Located in Basement Level near Security-Cafeteria.  No fee for available balance inquiry.

To apply please complete a card application.  Bring this application to the credit union or you may fax, email or mail

Wire Transfer

Wire service is domestic only. Wires are initiated in person only. Complete written information is required. Fee applies

Direct Deposit

Whether  it’s payroll, social security or pension, veteran’s benefits, or IRS refunds the automatic deposit to your credit union account enables you to save easier and obtain quick access to your account funds. Avoid delays in clearing funds. Have the money directly deposited. Just provide our routing # 0213-8352-8. Specify the type of account that you maintain.

Net Paycheck Deposit

Direct deposit of your net paycheck to your account at Crouse Federal Credit Union can make your life simpler. Direct us to apply some of your paycheck to Loan Payments, Savings, Share Draft (Checking), and Christmas Club. We can even put some into your children’s account.

Night Deposit Box

Crouse Federal Credit Union has a Night Deposit Box located at Crouse Hospital directly across from our ATM machine. We also have a Night Deposit Box outside of the door of our credit union. We do not recommend leaving cash in the drop box. Properly endorsed checks are acceptable. The Depository can be used 24 hours a day. Deposits or payments left at Crouse Hospital location may create at longer delay in posting.

Money Orders

Maximum amount is $1,000.00. Fee applies

Visa Gift Cards

It is always the right gift for any occasion. The Visa Gift cards have a longer shelf life and offer more cash services.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

Please ask a representative for more information.

Loan Protection

Please ask a representative for more information.

Movie Tickets

We sell Regal Super Saver tickets that are redeemable at most Regal locations.

Postage Stamps

1st class stamps available. Sold in groups of ten. Purchase with cash only.

Free Notary Service

We have free notary service for all members of the Credit Union. We suggest that you call for an appointment to insure availability of the Notary.