Apply for a Loan

You may apply for a loan at this site or download and print an application that can be found in the section for form(s).
You can fax  ( 315-470-5633) or email the form to us.  Our email is—or better deliver it in person.
We suggest if you fax or mail that you call 315-470-7928 to confirm receipt.

Questions please call us at 315 470-7928

  • Members please complete the Application
  • Co-Borrowers/Co-Signers/please complete a separate application
  • Applicants and Co-Borrower/Co-Signers must have two forms of ID on file

                (1 being US Government or State Issued)

  • Return completed application(s) to us with proof of income for all applicants.
    • Ex: current pay stub
    • Follow steps for the type of loan that you are applying for
  • Loan applicant must be a credit union member with $5.00 on deposit.
  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  • Existing Crouse FCU loans secured with a vehicle cannot be refinanced unless new purchase is being made

Specific information on our loans and how to apply can be found in our loan brochure. Please review, print, save to your files.

Loan Application
Rates are current as of the date listed and are subject to change without notice.
The rates shown are “as low as”. Your Annual Percentage Rate and term for all loans may vary from the stated based upon credit worthiness.
Term for repayment based on borrower, collateral and conditions
Loans that are secured with a vehicle currently financed at Crouse FCU may not be refinanced unless a new purchase
or trade occurs.
Rates listed reflect an automatic payment from Crouse FCU savings or checking account  otherwise add .50% for coupon book or billing .
Other rates and terms may apply.
Keep in mind loan requirements may change without notice.

APR  Annual Percentage Rate May be subject to change